​​Deni  Luna




Since my earliest childhood, I've seen and felt the spirit world. I spontaneously entered blissful states of profound vision, that I later learned were high yogic states.  The "invisible" high frequencies were as real to me as sunlight and thunder, although I knew few others could witness them. For example, when I said my first Christian prayer at the age of four, I saw a heavenly light descend amid joy and wonder.

 I've always woven spirit into communication. As a documentary producer and former national television reporter, I delight in creating communications that empower people's spirits. Most of my time is now spent as an intuitive coach and event entertainer. In addition to degrees in Communications and English,  I have a Master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology. My passions are avid volunteering, public speaking, and helping others communicate (including with their own divine nature).  

I'm happy to explore the natural magic around you. I use several tools  to tailor your sessions. That may involve intuition or even Lipsology lip print analysis! (I am one of only eight Lipsologists in the world, certified to read lip prints). Each individual session is unique. For example, guidance for a woodworker came through to me in the form of distinct scents and specific trees, which all carried meaningful messages to him.

How can I enrich your life?  From classes on practical meditation to intuitive coaching to entertainment...let's explore your gifts in a way that enhances the communication, relationships, productivity and joy in your life!